In Service of the Family

“…primary schools should try to create a community school climate that reproduces, as far as possible, the warm and intimate atmosphere of family life… An integration of school and home is an essential condition for the birth and development of all of the potential which these children manifest in one or the other of these two situations – including their openness to religion with all that this implies.”

The Vatican’s Congregation for Catholic Education
“The Religious Dimension of Education in a Catholic School” #40

“We came to Our Lady of Lourdes School for two major reasons. First, we wanted our kids to be nourished and formed in a Catholic environment and culture. Second, the classical model awakens the imagination and strengthens the mind to think clearly about the world. We were not disappointed and our children’s lives were changed. They began to enjoy school, brought their excitement home, and they grew in their faith.”

Dr. Jared Staudt

Catechetical Formation Specialist, Archdiocese of Denver

“Words cannot express how pleased we are with Our Lady of Lourdes. Our first grader was challenged and invigorated the entire year! The quality of the curriculum far surpassed our expectations, but our biggest surprise was the transformation in our daughter’s love for the Lord. Attending Mass, reciting the Rosary, and leading prayers for our family has become her joy! Lourdes Classical is truly a gift!”

Dr. Mario & Mrs. Therese Chavez

“Lourdes Classical is everything we wished we had when we were young: A vibrant and authentic Catholic Christian identity combined with the Classical approach, which nurtures a genuine love for learning and forms the mind to truly think about the material at hand. Add to this the extraordinary administration and teachers who truly believe in their mission, and you have the recipe for one of the best Catholic Schools in the nation.”

Kyle Mills

CEO, Annunciation Heights

“We love Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic School! We are very demanding about our child’s education; we want a rigorously academic curriculum with an authentically Catholic environment in all facets, and a caring community that would help our son flourish. At Lourdes we found all three!”

Dr. Tim Gray

President, Augustine Institute; Consultant, USCCB Committee on Catholic Education

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