The Arts

The Performing & Visual Arts

Performing Arts

As the trend in education seeks to cut Music Department funding, Lourdes Classical is going in the opposite direction.  Our curriculum puts greater emphasis on music.  Students learn not only music theory, the art of performance, and the history of the great composers, but also how to connect with the depths of order and objective beauty communicated by music.

Besides singing in the choir at Mass and concerts, our students work extremely hard for two major productions per year – a Christmas performance in December and a musical in the Spring.  Feel free to join us!  Check our Events Page for upcoming performances.

      il est ne' le divin enfant - Lourdes Middle School Choir
“The world in which we live needs beauty in order not to sink into despair. Beauty, like truth, brings joy to the human heart.”
Bl. Pope Paul VI

Visual Arts

In the field of visual arts, Lourdes Classical again seeks to cut against the modern trend – in this case, the growing cult of self-expression, which tends to exalt the question “Is it mine?” rather than “Is it good?”.  As illustrator Zach Franzen puts it, “Instead of using the common vocabularies of the created order to sub-create, these artists act as Creator, create their own vocabularies, and insist that the viewer take lessons.”  In other words, relativism has made its way deep into modern art.  But just as our students are taught to counter religious and moral relativism, they are also trained to imitate authentic art and express objective truth, beauty, and goodness rather than subjective feelings.

Join us in the Spring for our annual Art Show!

Our choir sang the National Anthem at a Denver Nuggets game in 2014, 2015, and 2016, and has been invited back to the Pepsi Center to sing before a Harlem Globetrotters Show in 2018.

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