Test Scores

Classical Education

The test we are focused on helping our students pass, by the grace of God, is the one graded on Judgement Day. Our purpose is not to prepare students for standardized tests, nor do we place unnecessary emphasis on the results. Catholic classical education trains students to know, think about, live, and present the Truth, which cannot be fully measured by a standardized test.

However, standardized tests do have some value, and our students take the Iowa Test of Basic Skills (ITBS). And while we seek not to build technical skills but rather to foster wisdom and virtue, students naturally build the skills along the way. For parents concerned with classical education’s impact on test scores, fear not. While our focus targets the fostering of wisdom and virtue rather than college and career readiness, it turns out classical school students cultivating the former consistently outperform their peers on high school testing designed to measure the latter. Evidently the best way to prepare for this world is to aim for the next.

2017 ITBS scores at Our Lady of Lourdes averaged about one year above grade level and, more importantly, nearly two years growth, which is highly competitive as compared to the high achieving scores within the Archdiocese of Denver.

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