In Soundbites

Classical Education

“What exactly is Classical Education?” Sometimes we may find it difficult to answer this question in brief.
So next time you’re put on the spot, here are some possible responses:

``Classical education is the traditional, time-tested form of education, begun by the Greeks and Romans and developed through history by the Church.``
``Classical education seeks to recover the original purpose of education: learning the art of living well.``
``The formation of human beings, not human doings.``
``Fostering life-long learning. Teaching a student 'how to fish' (rather than 'giving him a fish') for wisdom and virtue. Grammar, logic, and rhetoric are 'the pole, the line, and the hook' that give him the tools to study and master any subject he chooses, as well as teach others.``
``It focuses on preparing students for human excellence, rather than college and career readiness.`` (As it turns out, this approach yields both wisdom and virtue as well as the practical skills for further training or a job.)
``Fostering an integrated love for Truth, Beauty, and Goodness in all content areas, which always leads to Truth, Beauty, and Goodness personified in Jesus Christ.``
``It emphasizes passing on the heritage and culture of Western Civilization.``
``An education rooted in Aristotle and Thomas Aquinas.``
``Formation that is natural to a child's development, recognizing three stages of learning: grammar, logic, and rhetoric.``
``It utilizes a method beginning in wonder and awe, leading students to say, ``I wonder why?`` and ``That's wonderful!``
``Exposing students to the best that has ever been thought, written, painted, composed, discovered, etc., whether or not it has fallen out of favor with modernity.``
``The goal is freedom. Liberating students to know the truth, choose the good, and love the beautiful, and to realize their full potential - physically, mentally, and spiritually.``
``Preparing students for future leadership and innovation, grounded in the wisdom of the past.``
``Rightly orienting students to reality... to the rational, intelligible order of things... to simply, what is.``
``Nourishing, inspiring, and equipping students through Christian Classical Culture.``
``The cultivation of wisdom and virtue.``
And our favorite soundbite courtesy of our teacher of Latin…
``Catholic classical education is a constant do-si-do between John the Baptist and Socrates. 'Repent... Behold... Examine. Behold... Examine... Repent. Examine... Repent... Behold.``