Are you interested in helping us promote Lourdes Classical by keeping an eye out for potential families, donors, prayer warriors, and promotional opportunities?  Sign up for our Scout Team!

What is the Scout Team?

 Joshua & Caleb: Numbers Chapter 13

Joshua & Caleb: Numbers Chapter 13

We are looking for a team of people interested in recruiting others to advance our mission and generally helping us spread the word about Lourdes Classical.  The time commitment can be as little or as much as your interest dictates or schedule allows.  Once you sign up, we will keep you connected to the latest at Lourdes and on Catholic Classical Education as a way of arming you as a scout.  In addition to electronic communication, our Scout Team will be invited to gatherings/receptions in order to train and brainstorm in person.

Here is a list of possible ways our Scouts will be asked to help us spread the word, if they feel called/comfortable:

  • Forward our e-newsletter to your contacts.
  • Share our Facebook posts on your personal news feed.
  • Invite your friends to special events at the school, such as our Green & Gold Gala, and Spring Musical.
  • Read articles about Catholic Classical education in preparation for sharing the message with families who could potentially enroll.
  • Recruit Prayer Warriors.
  • Recruit donors and sponsors.
  • Recruit more Scouts.
  • Attend gatherings with fellow Scouts and Lourdes administrators, at which we continue to sharpen our abilities to present the Lourdes vision and share marketing ideas.
  • Report opportunities to promote Lourdes at other surrounding parishes without a school.

If you can do one or more of these for Lourdes Classical, and for our Our Lady and her Son, sign up below!

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