“We love Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic School! We are very demanding about our child’s education; we want a rigorously academic curriculum with an authentically Catholic environment in all facets, and a caring community that would help our son flourish. At Lourdes we found all three!”
— Dr. Tim Gray, President, Augustine Institute; Consultant, USCCB Committee on Catholic Education
“Lourdes Classical is everything we wished we had when we were young: A vibrant and authentic Catholic Christian identity combined with the Classical approach, which nurtures a genuine love for learning and forms the mind to truly think about the material at hand. Add to this the extraordinary administration and teachers who truly believe in their mission, and you have the recipe for one of the best Catholic Schools in the nation.”
— Kyle Mills, Instructor, Denver Catholic Biblical School
“There are many serious choices that we face in our lives and one of them is a God given responsibility as primary educators of our children (CCC 1601). If you desire the best support of your obligation, look no further. Our Lady of Lourdes is the best Catholic school in the Archdiocese of Denver and is greatly complementing our parenting efforts. It is a sacred place, lead by the Holy Spirit, which offers an excellent academic formation with an extraordinary emphasis on the importance of the Sacraments by holy and reverent teachers and staff. From the first day as we have entered the grounds of Lourdes Classical we felt at home and we have a great peace knowing that our children are in the best hands.”
— Peter & Dana Stur, Founders, In Ipso Ministry
“We came to Our Lady of Lourdes School for two major reasons. First, we wanted our kids to be nourished and formed in a Catholic environment and culture. Second, the classical model awakens the imagination and strengthens the mind to think clearly about the world. We were not disappointed and our children’s lives were changed. They began to enjoy school, brought their excitement home, and they grew in their faith.”
— Dr. Jared Staudt, Theology Professor, University of Mary (formerly of the Augustine Institute)
“Words cannot express how pleased we are with Our Lady of Lourdes. Our first grader was challenged and invigorated the entire year! The quality of the curriculum far surpassed our expectations, but our biggest surprise was the transformation in our daughter’s love for the Lord. Attending Mass, reciting the Rosary, and leading prayers for our family has become her joy! Lourdes Classical is truly a gift!”
— Dr. Mario & Mrs. Therese Chavez
“Since the classical curriculum has been implemented at Lourdes, our daughter has been more challenged and engaged in her school work.”
— Penny Bell
“The environment at Lourdes helps a student become a person with integrity and a genuine love for Christ.”
— Nancy Glynn
“Our family has been at Our Lady of Lourdes School for four years, experiencing the unique transition into the classical curriculum. It is truly an amazing academic path that encourages the students to learn with full participation. The Latin and Classic Literature as well as memorization techniques have increased our four children’s ability to learn and understand concepts. The greatest gift at Our Lady of Lourdes is the continuous presence of God in all that they do. The importance of prayer, morality and true love for others is present every day. The teachers and staff are amazing role models with their love for God and teaching. We can’t imagine our children being anywhere else as they grow and learn during these formative years.”
— Rich & Kris Anselmi
“We researched and toured many fine Catholic schools before choosing Our Lady of Lourdes. While our initial decision was strongly influenced by our affinity with classical education, our experience has far surpassed our expectations. Lourdes is an authentically joyful place, alive with the realization of God’s love as evidenced through the actions and attitudes of the staff, teachers, volunteers and pastor. We know our children are valued and respected, as well as engaged in rigorous learning. Our children love how they are learning at Lourdes! The enthusiasm and precision in which knowledge is shared with them has them eager to go to school. The approach is fun and extremely effective as evidenced by the work on the walls, test scores, and conversations with the students themselves. It’s not just classical education that makes Lourdes so effective. It’s the strong, visionary leadership that unites the nine grade levels to move as one body. This unity, and their demonstration of living the faith, is powerful. Lourdes Classical will have you thinking in new and exciting ways about traditional Catholic education.”
— Frank Jedlicka & Danielle Corriveau (Jedlicka)
“After much online research (we knew absolutely no one in the entire state of Colorado at the time) and a whirlwind weekend visit of the 6 finalists, Lourdes was the clear choice. Have you ever gone someplace or been around an unfamiliar group of people and inexplicably felt immediately at ease? Like you were home? That feeling has been reinforced weekly if not daily since our arrival in August 2011. I’m not sure what part of this journey makes our hearts sing the most, our family’s growth in our faith, or the boys’ amazing academic development.”
— John & Elizabeth Myers