We’re super excited to be able to serve more families... I think parents are realizing more and more that our culture is moving against Christianity and it’s become of the utmost importance to provide our children with the best education they can have—one that understands reality with a Catholic Christian mind.
— Fr. Brian Larkin
Our Lady of Lourdes’ approach was multifold.
Revamping the school was an important first step.
’A lot of families appreciate that our school is not a public school with a Catholic stamp,’ says O’Brien. ‘It offers a deep Catholic culture, based in joy.’
— Emily Stimpson Chapman, Our Sunday Visitor
By combining the richness of the Catholic faith with the components of a strong education in pursuit of the true, the good and the beautiful, Lourdes Classical allows for students to encounter virtue in all the circumstances of life.
— Josephine von Dohlen, Catholic News Service
“With Our Lady of Lourdes school’s wild success after implementing the classical education model, other Catholic schools are also taking the leap to try it out...”
— Therese Aaker, Denver Catholic
“Within the first year after the switch to classical education, the school’s enrollment had leapt to 130 students, and as of January 2016, there are 175 students from pre-K to 8th grade. In addition to the classical method of education, the school is firmly Catholic, offering daily Mass and monthly confessions, and making devotion to the Blessed Mother one of its pillars.”
— Elizabeth Anderson, The Catholic World Report
“One positive aspect of the Common Core debate, Anderson said, it that it gets parents to think seriously about the kind of education they want for their children. While some school families enrolled over concerns with Common Core, ‘their biggest draw’ comes from home-schooling families that want their children to have a classical education and the added social interaction, sports and drama.”
— Peter Jesserer Smith, National Catholic Register
“When asked why she is committed to education, Anderson responds immediately, ‘To make saints.’”
— Melissa Knaggs, Lay Witness Magazine
“Principal Anderson was encouraged to differentiate her school, and with the support and knowledge of Bishop James D. Conley, chose to follow this approach to education as a way of imparting to students the art of learning.”
— Carl Bunderson, Catholic News Agency
 National Catholic Register

National Catholic Register

“For Rosemary Anderson, principal at Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Classical School in Denver, forming Christ in the lives of her students is paramount in helping the school achieve its objective to put Catholic identity at the forefront.”
— Katie Warner, National Catholic Register
“By 2008, enrollment at the pre-K to 8 school had fallen to just 100 — too low to remain open if the trend continued. Suddenly, the picture has changed, and mere survival no longer reigns supreme, thanks to a recent switch to a classical-education curriculum.”
— Wayne Laugesen, National Catholic Register
“Each school day, a bus picks students up from the parking lot of St. Frances Cabrini Parish in Littleton.”
— Julie Filby, Denver Catholic