The Power of the Mass

As the school year winds down we’ve been thinking about what an amazing year it has been.  One of the most powerful things about this year has been our experience with the new middle school Mass schedule.  This year we were able to shift the schedule around in such a way that allowed our students to attend Mass 4 days per week (instead of 2) while not taking away from classroom time. 

The response and outpouring of grace has been overwhelming!  The commitment to liturgical formation has created a tremendous buzz and excitement with so many families here and around the Archdiocese.  So many of our new families, enrolling both mid-year and for next Fall, have said that the Mass schedule was a big reason why they chose Lourdes Classical! 

            And the students?  Survey says?  92% of our middle schoolers like the change!  That’s higher than we expected.  That number was probably lower at the beginning of the year, but how beautiful it is that almost all of our students have come to appreciate the opportunity to attend daily. 

Check out a sample of quotes:

“I think the increase in Mass helps us get closer to Jesus.”  -7th Grader

“At the beginning of the year I struggled with that feeling that you know you should go but you still cling to your old way of being.  But since we learned about the Passover I actually feel very refreshed and ready to start the day!”  -6th Grader

 “I think that going to Mass 4 times a week really shows that we are a Catholic school.”  -8th Grader

“We have a church right next door, so really there’s no excuse for not doing so.”  -8th Grader

“Since the Crucifixion is made present during Mass, it is an amazing gift to go to Mass this often.”  -6th Grader

“I think the increased Mass schedule raised general awareness of God’s presence and importance in our lives.  It can be a pain sometimes, but that’s a feeling born of human imperfection.  After a while it became part of our routine, and I hardly remember it not being like this. Going to Mass daily is a good habit to get into.”  -8th Grader

“Daily Mass should be in schools everywhere.”  -8th Grader

“I wish we went to Mass 5 times a week.”  -6th Grader

“I wasn’t very hyped about going to Mass almost every day, but now I’ve adjusted to it and I rather enjoy it.”  -8th Grader

“None of the Saints went to Mass only once or twice a week.  They went as much as they could!”  -8th Grader

“It’s wonderful to be able to go to Mass daily this year… Mass has been different for me ever since I learned about the 4th Cup and anamnesis.” -7th Grader

“The Mass schedule helps me to better pay attention to everything about the Eucharist… I think it is better for us because we get to hear Fr. Brian’s homilies.” -7th Grader

“I haven’t gone to this school long, but I love how many times a week we go to Mass.  I feel way more connected to God.”  -7th Grader