Meet Miss Brown

Hello! My name is Miss Brown, and I am the middle school Math and Science teacher here at Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Classical School. I grew up in Maryland, on the west coast of the Chesapeake Bay, where my enthusiasm for astronomy, marine life and mathematics started. I fell in love with the classical curriculum when I was 18 and attended Thomas Aquinas College (a Classical Liberal Arts college) in Santa Paula, CA where I earned a Bachelor of Arts in the Liberal Arts. Since then, I have worked Financial Aid and Admissions at the college level. I have taught first communion class, discerned a religious vocation for a few years, and worked for religious sisters as a healthcare receptionist and an assistant in a retreat house. I have been teaching here at Our Lady of Lourdes since 2014, and I love it!

It is a privilege to be here, not only because I sincerely strive for the goals of classical education – seeking the true, the good and the beautiful, but because Lourdes is a wonderful community of faith where we are all striving to be holy. I love my students! We all work hard and excel in Math and Science, but we also know how to have fun, and to think about things deeply. I have found that I can offer my own experiences of the joys and sorrows of Mathematics, but also of my own life. I love my Catholic faith, I like to read, to ask questions, go night sky watching, fishing, crabbing, ice skating, and on occasion, encounter strange creatures in the wild, such as moose, whales, and mountain lions. When we talk about science, we also ask questions like, “What does it mean to be a man? How is that different from an animal? Why do we have senses? Why do we need the periodic table? Why do volcanoes erupt?” We must always be looking for ways to grow in the truth, and in a greater appreciation for the gifts God has given us. I am so grateful to have the opportunity to guide my students’ search for knowledge at Our Lady of Lourdes!